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Nada Tarkhan_Portfolio_2018-27.png
Nada Tarkhan_Portfolio_2018-28.png


This project was an entry to the  Solar Decathlon Competition in China 2013. The house was designed by the team at the
American University of Cairo. The competition challenges 22 teams world wide
to design and build a solar powered house that can achieve energy sufficiency. 
This design was formulated under the name
SLIDE-S (Sustainable, Livable, Interactive,
DESign) and operates under a sliding matchbox configuration.This was done in the aim of optimizing the building skin layers.
Role in Project:
Phase 1: Co-heading architecture team in
formulating project concept and architectural
Phase 2:
- Leading team in Design and Project Scheduling
- Coordinating Mechanical, Electrical and
Plumbing designs
- Conducting market analysis and contacting
sponsors for equipment.
- Communicating MEP developments to architectural
- In charge of monitoring and and tracking all

Nada Tarkhan_Portfolio_2018-29.png
Nada Tarkhan_Portfolio_2018-29.png
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