This project was an entry to to LAGI (Land Art Generator Initiative) Compettion in Masdar City. Grounded in the region’s architectural influences, Vaulted Visions stimulates the user’s senses by weaving them through an energy journey composed of solar and algae biofuel production.
The design of this structure aligns with Abu- Dhabi’s 2030 vision in that it capitalizes on the resources available (abundant sun and sea) and adheres to the fabric of life and cultural design qualities present. “Identity and Opportunity” are exemplified in this structure and have been an underlying goal in all aspects of design. The installation sets an example of Carbon Negative/Carbon Neutral construction by utilizing multiple technologies that produce and contribute to
producing 1750 MWh of energy, 215,000 gallons of Biofuel and mitigating 1,502 Metric Tons of Carbon Annually.

Project Team: Nada Tarkhan, Myrna Ayoub, Aman Singhvi