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IBPSA_BS2015_Harvard University_GSD - Co
IBPSA_BS2015_Harvard University_GSD - Co



The aim of this project is to design and test a
mixed mode ventilation strategy for an office
building located in New Delhi, India. In order to reduce energy consumption and mitigate effects of high pollution rates, we chose to focus on a ventilation scheme that both operates naturally and filters the incoming air.
Lighting design, airflow assessment and overall energy usage become integral indicators for design features such as façade design, interior arrangement, program distribution and material selection. The design needs to demonstrate that all these features operate under the ventilation
scheme while reducing the overall energy
Simulation tools are used to test complex
synergies of an idea in a practical scenario. Using these tools in their appropriate limitations, together in a comprehensive methodology, opens up possibilities of creativity in Design, not only functionality.
Our explorations are in pursuit of a symbiosis
between simulation and design.

Project Team: Nada Tarkhan, Elnaz Tafrihi, Aman Singhvi, Juan Yactayo

IBPSA_BS2015_Harvard University_GSD - Co
IBPSA_BS2015_Harvard University_GSD - Co
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