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Nada Tarkhan_Portfolio_2018-17.png


This project addresses the redesign of early childhood educational classrooms in Rwanda. As existing designs are available with a high level of detail, we hoped to tackle the issue of daylighting provision while making minimal changes to the designs. This allowed us to work with the existing parameters of materials, form of units and layout typologies. Our redesign goals were based on daylight metrics evaluated through simulation tools (Diva) as well as hand calculations that informed the design process. We believe that daylighting plays an important role in creating a healthy eductional environment for children. Having said that, it is also imperative to design for daylight utilization due to the limitations of electric light availability.

Project Team: Nada Tarkhan, Elnaz Tafrihi

Nada Tarkhan_Portfolio_2018-17.png
Nada Tarkhan_Portfolio_2018-17.png
Nada Tarkhan_Portfolio_2018-18.png
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